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Members of ScienceTeam りかっと!

Remon 🍋


Birthday: June 24th
From Hiroshima Prefecture
I grew up freely in a great nature in Seto Island Sea Region! I am studying about animals as I love them! I would like to do countless experiments with people all over the world with my full energy!


Bright 🐼


Birthday: August 30th From Fukuoka Prefecture
For the first time, I was a “slime”, but I became a panda so that I get along with many children. I love bamboo leaf and science. My hobbies are listening to music and playing games.


Tomu 🐞

Health Clerk

Birthday: March 20
I was born in Tochigi prefecture and brought in Okinawa.
My hobbies are playing guitar and stargazing. Nice to meet you!


Yourayoura 🌊


Birthday: April 16th From Okayama Prefecture
I am studying programming for now because I like it. I am also a founder of this HP! I make various games, and software which is needed to account. 

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